My work on exposure to inequality in South Africa was mentioned in Bloomberg Opinion.


My work on the Los Angeles riots was covered in the New York Times and GQ Magazine. That work was previously covered in Slate


Here is a blog post about my paper on racial segregation in South Africa, and some coverage from Ken Opalo's blog.


My work on exposure to inequality was covered by the Harvard Gazette


My work on exposure to inequality was covered in the Los Angeles Times, in English and in Spanish.


I was interviewed about my PNAS study on inequality by PsyPost. Coverage of that work also appeared in the Pacific Standard, Ars Technica,, Co.Exist, Vocativ, and Journalist's Resource. Outside the U.S., my research has been covered by German ( and Russian (Nplus1) media outlets.


Vox discussed my research as it relates to the 2016 presidental election, as well as to the Affordable Care Act


Listen to the Recent Paper Decent Puzzle podcast episode about my research: "Does seeing the poor make people more generous?"


I have blogged about my work (the paper "Eyes on the Street") here 

Policy and Presentations

Read our Scholars Strategy Network brief about how citizen attachment to neighborhoods helps improve municipal services and public spaces.


Here are slides for my study on the effects of segregation on voting behavior in South Africa, presented at the Harvard Meeting on Political Geography in 2015


Here are slides that provide an instructive overview to handling spatial data in R, presented at the UCLA Political Methodology Workshop in 2014.


I served as a consultant on the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council report, Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy.  The project details the importance of scientific evidence in public policy-making, and outlines a new research agenda in this area.